About Us

A pioneer in the customizable retail products industry

The recognized pioneer in the customizable retail products industry, CafePress is a leading online retailer driven by personalized content and products that are aspirational, inspirational and motivational.

Founded in 1999 around driving self-expression through the intersection of printing & technology innovation on hundreds of retail products, today CafePress has evolved into a celebrated "platform" that provides individuals with the ability to express ideas, feelings or passions on hundreds of items they can choose to share with the world or treasure in private. CafePress’ reach extends through hundreds of customizable items, a vast community of designers and via partnerships with highly recognizable major brands and entertainment properties.

Today there are nearly 1 billion unique products (with over 150,000 new designs added each week). Plus there’s our ever-growing reseller market. Together, over 7 million products are being printed and shipped each year. And over 12 million people visit our site each month to find product that express their personality.