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Writing Forward

12 Gifts and Goodies for Writers
December 29, 2012  •  Melissa Donovan

CafePress is jam-packed with unique and interesting gifts and goodies. I found this nifty little "I write, therefore I am" tote bag by searching "gifts for writers." CafePress has something for every writer, and if they don’t have what you want, then you can make something yourself!

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Ugly sweater contests, parties, T-shirts and more
December 4, 2012  •  Debra Bass

And the perennial funny T-shirt website Cafe Press has put together a smattering of its holiday offerings…One of my favorites is the T-shirt of Santa with the text: "Where my ho's at?" It's probably the opposite of a Santa shirt of him in Uncle Sam pose that says, "Don't stop believin'."

ABC News

Romney Campaign Merchandise Priced to Sell
November 27, 2012  •  Sarah Parnass

Artist-designed garment website CafePress makes merchandise on an as-ordered basis, so they don’t have to worry about dumping an overload of Romney/Ryan products.

Associated Press

Teens Putting their own Spin on Personalization
July 10, 2012  •  Samantha Critchell

...some companies that specialize in customized products are already seeing social media names replace initials or birth names as IDs.


Five iPhone 5s in five days: win a 16GB AT&T model with custom Engadget case, courtesy of Cafepress!
October 31, 2012  •  Brad Molen

...CafePress, an e-tailer that not only specializes in custom cases but clothes, stationary, flair and plenty more. It's definitely worth a look-see...


Political Merchandise Extends Far Beyond Official Campaigns
October 9, 2012  •  Victor Luckerson

...CafePress, an online retailer that allows people to create custom designs for T-shirts, bumper stickers, and other items and sell them for profit.

The Washington Times

In Paul they trust as he leaves political stage
August 8, 2012  •  Stephen Dinan, an online merchandiser that sells just about every piece of political paraphernalia imaginable...