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Product Safety Standards

CafePress prides itself on doing business with suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and partners who demonstrate and maintain high standards of product safety and ethical business practices. The following is a brief overview of the steps CafePress takes to ensure that these suppliers, vendors, manufacturer and partners meet both legal and industry standards.

  • Product Safety and Quality:

    CafePress has a no tolerance policy when it comes to product safety. We contractually obligate our suppliers, vendors, manufacturers and partners to meet all applicable product safety laws, regulations and codes with respect to the base products we resell. Where applicable we also require testing information and certification from all of our vendors demonstrating that their products do, in fact, meet these standards. If a product does not meet legal standards, or CafePress' internal quality standards, we will not offer the product on our websites. CafePress also maintains certificates of conformity, when required. That documentation can be found at